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Power BI Tutorial for Beginners


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What is PowerBI

This topic deals with the basics of PowerBI. You'll know what are the different data sources used, different product portfolios, and the basic steps. We'll discuss the various steps you can do such as getting data, analyzing, visualizing, and finally pubishing.
Video Lesson

Customer Churn Analysis in PowerBI

Time Series Forecasting using PowerBI

Anamoly Detection using PowerBI

Covid-19 Analysis and Prediction using PowerBI


In this course, we’ll learn about PowerBI. The different steps include –

  • Get data
  • Analyze
  • Visualize
  • Publish
  • Collaborate

We’ll also be using PowerBI desktop to create dashboards. The projects you’ll be doing are –

  • Customer Churn Analysis
  • Time Series Forecasting
  • Anamoly Detection
  • Covid 19 Analysis and Prediction

What to learn?

This course helps you learn about PowerBI and how to use PowerBI for data analysis and visualizations.


  • PowerBI desktop software
  • Brief understanding of EDA

Target Audience

  • People starting their career in the field of Data Analytics & Visualization
  • Anyone who wants to learn PowerBI and build dashboards on PowerBI


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I am Data Scientist with a passion for turning data into actionable insights and meaningful stories. Right from the data extraction to the final data product or actionable insights, I enjoy the journey with the data. I am a dedicated

Material Includes

  • Teacher notes
  • Raw data for Churn analysis
  • Time Series forecasting algorithm & raw data



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