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Learn Everything about Digital Product Management [Jan 1, 2022 to Dec 31, 2022]


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Creating a Product Strategy

This lesson dwelves on the strategic role of a product manager. How a market-driven focus leads companies to build products people want to buy
Live Lesson: Why Start with Product Strategy
Live Lesson: Elements of Product Strategy
Quiz: Test your knowledge on Product Strategy
Live Lesson: How to do Market Analysis
Live Lesson: How to do Competitive Analysis
Live Lesson: Creating Product Vision, Mission & Objectives
Live Lesson: Operationalizing & Refining your final Strategy
Assignment on Product Strategy
Live Q&A on Assignment Submission
Video: Guest Session
Quiz: Market Analysis

Working with Design team

Working with Development team

Building Product Analytics

Working on Product Marketing

How to do Product Sales

How to prepare for PM Interviews


This cohort-based live coaching program is for students and young professionals who are looking to venture into product management. If you are thinking about starting your own company, or want to join as an APM after college or may be transitioning from tech to a PM role, then this course will surely help you ramp up your knowledge and validate your product knowledge in real life situations.


The scope of this course is product management and more. So we will also be covering topics in product strategy, product design, product development, product analytics, product marketing, and product sales.

The advantage of a cohort based learning program is that it is the group that drives the learning outcome. The more you exert, the more you’ll learn.


The course is offered in 3 languages English, Hindi and Bengali based on the students. The video lessons, course materials and quizzes are only available in English.

What to learn?

This course intends to teach you the essentials of product management including product strategy, design & development. It will also briefly touch upon the foundations of product marketing and product sales. You will learn how to implement analytics and how to measure success. Most importantly, you’ll know the different stakeholders in a product’s journey and how to approach important decisions. Finally there are few lessons on how to prepare for product management interviews. There are also few interviews of industry experts.


  • Availability on Sundays 12pm for Live lessons
  • Zoom account for Live lessons

Target Audience

  • Students who wants to start a career in product management
  • Professionals looking to transition from a tech role to product management
  • First-time entrepreneurs


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Product Manager with 6 years of experience in the digital product ecosystem. Love solving real problems. Skilled in product strategy, requirement gathering, UX and wireframes, product analytics & visualisation.

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  • Case Studies



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