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Basics of Product Management


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What is a Product?

Understanding Product Lifecycle

Understanding Product Management

Product Management as a Career

Expert Session – 1

Expert Session – 2


If you are completely new to tech Product Management,  then this course is for you. We start with understanding what is a product. We start with simple products and then move on to more complex products. Once we have completed with product understanding we will move on to product lifecycle. We’ll try to analyse the product lifecycle of some of the products we use daily. Finally we will spend time understanding product management, the roles and responsibilities, the to-dos, and what kind of career path one can expect.

The course will be divided into four learning sessions and two expert sessions. The learning sessions will include deep diving into –

  1. Understanding What is a Product
  2. Understanding Product Lifecycle
  3. Understanding What is Product Management
  4. Understanding Product Management as a Career

Finally in the expert sessions you will be interacting with Product Managers who have been in the job for some time. We will be discussing their daily To-Dos, and how they go about managing products.


Note: This is a live-coaching, cohort-based program. The program manager will get in touch with you with all the details once you enrol. Please make sure your email and mobile number are updated in your profile.

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