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Internet commerce is as vital as a good heart is to the human body in today’s world. And it is growing so quickly that it’s expected to make up a whopping 22.0% of retail sales worldwide by 2023. In this era of digital market, competition is as hard as a stone. So, as custodians of consumer products, we should know how to give our customers a fulfilled user experience in this digital market. The key ingredient in achieving this is UX design.



 Let's start by answering why UX matters.


1)  UX is part of our lives

UX is all around us. We use so many websites and mobile applications daily. We use them for shopping, food delivery, flight booking, movies, music and many more. UX is the key to success everywhere but generally remains unnoticed.


For example, Instagram Reels was introduced in India within weeks of the Indian government banning Tik-Tok. Indian Tik-Tok users were going crazy about the ban of the app. Instagram was already successful with photos, videos and stories. Adding short-videos was a natural product expansion.

Now look at the download numbers immediately before and after offering.


In India, Instagram Reels was released on July 12, 2020. In the 30 days preceding the launch of Instagram Reels, the number of Instagram downloads was 7 million; after the launch, it increased to 7.8 million. 11.4% more Instagram downloads were made that month. All that because some Product and UX people decided that adding Reels will improve user experience and increase adoption.

This is what UX is all about.



2) UX makes empathy an important topic

When we empathise with people, we can build bonds of trust, gain insights into what they may be feeling or thinking. Empathy allows us to understand people.

UX is all about empathy. UX needs thinking about the experience of fellow customers and then trying to improve that experience. By empathizing with other people, we start concerning more about “How will a customer feel while using this website?”, “Will the customer find it easy to use this application?” rather than focusing on “How can I make them buy more?” and “How can I increase traffic?”.


3) UX is not just presenting content beautifully

 UX and UI are two totally different things. The UX considers the experience users have with a product or service, while UI focuses on the aesthetic elements of how people interact with a product. UX is a highly logical and analytical concept. It act as a point of differentiation from our competitors. A superior customer experience acts as a blessing for the company. Brings in customer loyalty.

A good UX experience gives the user what they exactly desire without any difficulties.


4) More Careers in UX Design

This might be the most important reason why you need to care about UX design.

In UX design, everything is dynamic and constantly evolving. The digital market is starting to know the importance of a good UX design. As a result, job opportunities are increasing. UX Designers start at an average salary of Rs.8-9 lakhs per year. UX designing is a life-long learning process as changes and the needs of people are constantly evolving. People's needs may differ tomorrow from what they need today. So as long as there is a need to satisfy our customers, there will be a constant need for good UX design.


That's all on why you need to care about UX design.

`Until next time.

AuthorSubiksha M
Subiksha is a freelance writer. She studies computer system and design. She spends most of her free time challenging herself by trying out new things, dancing or vibing to good music.

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