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The world is digital now. Every business needs a website or a mobile application. If you don't have a website, you are surely losing out on opportunities for your business. And if your website has a slack spine this can affect your reputation and marketing strategies.

This makes UX design a critical topic for everyone.


So, What Is UX Design?


UX (User Experience) Design of a product is the technique of studying the users' mindset, and the emotions they feel when using a product; and then applying that knowledge to design a product experience that meets their needs and expectations.


Many assume that UX design means just presenting a beautiful website with great content but it does not stop there. A good UX design also focuses on the user personas, their feelings and behaviour traits.


How do you do a good UX design?

A good UX fulfils the following questions positively.

  • What is the functionality of the product? Does it work for the user as intended?
  • How reliable is the product for the user's needs? Is it easy to use?
  • The ease of use of a product: Will the user be able to navigate it without difficulty and resistance?
  • Is the product intuitive?
  • Would the users recommend the product to others if they find it enjoyable?
  • Are users drawn to the product because of its significance?

If the answer is YES for all these questions then voila! You have created a good UX design.


Next let's look at Why We Need A Good UX Design?

  • It helps win a consumer's trust by providing them with what they are looking for and makes them more likely to use your program or website. Therefore, customers' trust-> Buying more-> Recommending to others-> Increase in sales -> Profit.
  • Enhances efficiency and reduces cost of the development for business.

Here are some statistics that illustrate users' little patience with subpar experiences, and just how important they find positive ones.

  • In the first month after being downloaded, 95% of mobile apps are abandoned.
  • In the first three days following its installation, apps lose 77% of their daily users.
  • After being downloaded, 75% of apps are never used again.
  • 23% of customers who have a positive experience with an app refer to ten or more of their friends.

Now let's look at the role of UX designer.


A UX designer needs to analyze the product, who the users are, what they need from the product and how they will feel while using this product. Their responsibilities include -

  • Exploring competitors' merchandise and market trends.
  • Creating wireframes supported by the user's desires.
  • Creatively solve UX issues.
  • Conducting user analysis and testing.
  • Collaborating with other designers and developers to build intuitive, easy software.


Having empathy for the user is great for UX designers. As they need to view the product through the user's eyes. But their skillset shouldn't end there. They should also have skills such as -

  • The art of problem-solving
  • A womb-to-tomb learner
  • Mind that thinks analytically
  • Good communication skills


UX designers need to stay updated with changing trends to adjust their products accordingly. It is imperative they do so to stay relevant in this fast evolving world.


That's all on the basics of UX design and role of a UX designer. Until next time.

AuthorSubiksha M
Subiksha is a freelance writer. She studies computer system and design. She spends most of her free time challenging herself by trying out new things, dancing or vibing to good music.

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