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The Role Of Data Analytics in

Various Industries

The role of data analytics in organizations is a hot topic right now.


By combining data sets from various departments, including customer data, internal surveys, and market research, businesses can make more informed decisions and optimize their overall customer experience. 


Data analytics is changing how businesses operate. The latest buzz is that data analytics can add to your bottom line by being a good recruiting tool and helping optimize your Facebook ads, optimize your lead generation and sales funnel and even optimize the overall customer experience within your organization. For example, when you have a large customer database with information on past purchases and loyalty attempts, statisticians can predict what those customers will do next by analyzing how their purchases rank among other accounts they may have had open in the past week.



Hotels and also the luxury business have turned to advanced analytics solutions to grasp the key behind client satisfaction initiatives. Yield management within the building industry is one common use of analytics that is a crucial means to tackle the revenant peaks in demand throughout the year in thought with different factors which embrace the weather and native events, that may influence the quantity and nationalities of guests checking in.



The power of data analytics has embraced even old industries like Agriculture and Farming. Huge data practices are adopted by the United States agricultural manufacturer John Deere that has launched many data-enabled services that have led farmers to learn from the period of time watching of knowledge collected from its thousands of users worldwide.





Most elite sports have currently embraced data analytics. In Premier League soccer games, cameras put in round the stadiums track the movement of each player with the assistance of a pattern recognition software system generating over twenty-five data points per player every second. What more? NFL players have installed sensors on their shoulder pads to collect intelligent insights on their performance using data mining. it had been analytics that helped British rowers row their thanks to the Olympic gold.



Analytics, data science, and big data have helped a variety of cities to pilot the good cities initiative wherever data collection, analytics, and also the IoT mix to make joined-up public services and utilities spanning the whole city. For example, a detector network has been unrolled across all eighty of the council’s neighborhood exercise centres to assist contour collection services, therefore wagons will place the fullest recycling centres and skip those with virtually nothing in them.



The education sector generates large information through courseware and learning methodologies. Vital insights will determine higher teaching strategies, highlight areas wherever students might not be learning efficiently, and remodel however the education is delivered. More and more instructional institutions are putting data into use for everything from coming up with double-decker routes to up schoolroom cleanliness.



The on-demand music service, Spotify uses Hadoop's huge data analytics to collate data from its several users across the world. This data is employed and analyzed to present made-to-order music recommendations to its individual users. Over the highest media, services have relied big on big data to offer customized content offerings to their users. A crucial move within the growing competitive market. 



Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) has deployed big data to trace and monitor the movements within the money market. Big data and analytics with network analytics and language processors are employed by the stock exchanges to catch misappropriated trade practices in the stock market. Retail traders, massive banks, hedge funds, and alternative questionable ‘big boys’ in the financial markets use big data for trade analytics utilized in high-frequency trading, pre-trade decision-support analytics, sentiment measurement, prognostic analytics, and so forth. This trade conjointly heavily depends on big data for risk analytics including; anti-money laundering, demand enterprise risk management, “Know Your Customer”, and fraud mitigation.



Big data analytics finds vast application to the transportation industry. Governments of various countries use big data to regulate the traffic, optimize routes coming up with intelligent transport systems and congestion management. Moreover, the non-public sector uses big data in revenue management, technological enhancements, supplying, and achieving a competitive advantage. Big data is rising user experiences, and therefore the massive adoption amendment has simply begun.


Data analytics plays a vital role in how data is used and leveraged by firms to optimize efficiency in every area of their business.


Are you using data analytics in your organisation?

AuthorPriyanka Dutta
Priyanka graduated with B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering. She like organising data so much that building dashboards and models feel rewarding to her. She also likes to write about her work.

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