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The Best Ways To Design A Marketplace App:

UI/UX Design Tips & Tricks

 It’s perfectly normal if you’re wondering why some websites and apps are easier to use than others. Some feel alive and act as a true guide while others feel stale and lifeless. To make your site or app more user-friendly for your users, here’s what you need to know.


This article is based on designing a marketplace app. But the design tricks and tips are applicable to any app.



Tips for designing a marketplace app.


Creating a well-designed marketplace app is one of the major steps to success. The best way to do so is to combine user experience and UX with a simple design. Before creating your app, I strongly recommend you sit down and think through your market. Why do you want to create an app? What are you going to sell and who’s going to buy your product? As a first step to create a user-friendly marketplace app, consider these points: Don’t limit yourself to product listings on mobile devices. Think of iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile as well as other platforms as we have in India.

Design your app with the user’s needs in mind.


Because all businesses have their own set of goals, missions, and priorities for their product, their app’s interface should also reflect these core values. This means that, regardless of the content of your app, it should feel right, help the user easily find the stuff they’re looking for, and create a positive experience throughout. Start by considering the most important user needs that your app must meet. What information do you need to present to the user to help them discover your product or service, and how will you display it in a useful and inviting way? Are you planning to offer customer reviews and ratings? Which features of your app will encourage your users to do more than simply download it? How can your app become a part of the users' lives.


Make it easy to navigate.


To have a seamless customer experience, the user has to navigate to the desired location. According to Malcolm Gladwell, the user has to move around his “umbrella of knowledge.” So, you have to create an ecosystem that encourages users to spend more time exploring and using the app. An online marketplace website that follows the UX/UI principles suggests that the designer provides navigation aids, especially for returning visitors. These navigation aids can be a navigation bar, a header image, a star icon, a drop-down menu, etc. The beauty of user-friendly apps is that it’s very easy to find out the main features of the website.


Create a good first impression.


Your site or app’s appeal will come in one of the most important ways. It is your first impression. You have to get people to remember your products, convert their clicks into conversions, get to their tasks, and get them to contact you with their orders and problems. You have to impress them. Your product doesn’t have to be perfect, but you should make it look attractive and easy to use. Plan it right The web is a fluid environment where one thing changes for another. You have to constantly update your design and you have to innovate. To go further, your design needs to evolve and become more fluid with the market and the time you put into it.




The internet marketplace is an exciting and vibrant space where suppliers and buyers interact. Being able to develop an app to manage your business’s online sales is a tremendous opportunity and one that needs to be taken seriously by eCommerce business owners and management teams. It’s a good idea to have an outline of what you want, whether that’s a pure UX template that gives you the basics, or a complete platform that has many modules to fulfill various needs.

Have you come across a UX/UI for a marketplace app that you absolutely love?

AuthorAkansha Sharma
Akansha considers herself an unaffiliated scribbler. She studies law and business.

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