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Beginners Guide To

UX Designing

What is User Experience Design?


“UX” is abbreviated for user experience. A user’s experience of the app is determined by how the users interact with it. UX is always followed by the word “design.” UX design is the process of creating products (virtual or physical) that are hands-on and functional. It considers every element of a product that shapes its experience, how it makes the users feel, and how simple it is for the user to fulfil their desired tasks. UX design aims to create easy, structured and all-around pleasant experiences for the users.


UX Designer:

A UX designer is a person who designs for the user’s experience, How a product looks and works for end-users.




Process of UXD:

1.Understand The Requirement:


I would spend the first four hours cutting down a tree sharpening my axe, as Abraham Lincoln once said. First, a designer collects the user requirements based on the business environment, consults with the clients to understand their desires, and explains the research results to them. This helps a designer understand the true scope of the product.




2. Research:


Secondly, UX designers research the product and requirements. Research is the most pivotal element for a designer. Product research is every UX designer’s initial outset for a UXD project. It helps the designers to understand the industry level standards and identify opportunities for the product. The Research process also involves an understanding of the latest UI/UX trends, design principles, and guidelines.






Based on the research conducted, the next step for the designer is to identify key user groups and create representative personas. A persona is a fictional and visualized character that represents a type of customer or user of the product. Creating personas can help designers recognize that different people have different needs and expectations and get a perspective similar to that of a user.



  1. Design:

In the design process, we finally give life to the ideas that we have collected in the above three stages. In this stage, the product team works on various activities, from creating information architecture to the actual UI design like a site map, User flow, Mock-ups, Images, Icons, Colors and Wireframes. One of the most important things created at this stage is the wireframes. Wireframes are simple visual depictions of user interfaces, stripped of any visual design elements or branding. It is also known as the skeleton of the design. It provides a complete blueprint of the page structure, layout, information and functions.


  1. Testing:

This phase determines the overall quality and standard of the end product. Testing is done to determine how easy and user-friendly a software application is. The testing team uses the product and tests out each facet of it. It helps UX designers understand what problem users experience during the interaction with a product.




Future in  UX design :


The value of UX design is immense. The UX Design of an application improves its user experience and customer satisfaction that ultimately helps increase the number of users for the specific application.

It helps understand the audience and for building a brand for the product. A product’s user experience plays a major role in attracting customers. A good design provides the customers with engaging content and easy navigation.


A good UX is essential for the success of any product, and UX designers are integral to the process. In recent years, the demand for UX designers has steadily increased. UX design is ranked among the top five skills in demand by LinkedIn. A career in UX design is an engrossing and significant path that can take you in many directions.

AuthorSubiksha M
Subiksha is a freelance writer. She studies computer system and design. She spends most of her free time challenging herself by trying out new things, dancing or vibing to good music.

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